Mission Statement

A key goal of child rearing is to raise a person who is an independent contributing member of society, preferably with health insurance.

My mission is to help you reach that goal.

Many parents come to me and say they just want their child to be happy. However I have encountered many children who are happy playing video games and watching You Tube videos in their parents’ homes and have no motivation to move on with their lives. Society has come to label these children as “failure to launch”. They say that their parents always told them they just want them to be happy, and they are perfectly happy.

Research has demonstrated that roughly 25% of young adults return home after college. Helping these young people become independent can be a real challenge.

My goal is to help you avoid that kind of situation. I have found that it is important to help families earlier in the child’s life and to provide guidance along the way. It is my opinion that children need to gain skills towards independence as they grow up.

It is my belief that understanding our strengths and struggles can help us to build our lives based on our strengths while we support and forgive our struggles.


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